our quick-start guide is intended to help sales professionals effectively deal with the challenge of connecting with hard to reach prospects


  • Ideal for people just starting out in sales or who’ve made a career change — we’ll show you exactly where to begin.
  • Excellent for Experienced Sales Professionals who could use a fresh approach, open to hear some new ideas or just want to improve their skills.
  • For Business Owners & Entrepreneurs who have great ideas but little or no sales background, this handbook will provide a structure to get you organized, set-up properly and ready to prospect.
  • For Students taking Business and Entrepreneurship Courses, it’s important to have working knowledge of the sales process and understand the mechanics of acquiring new business.
  • For Sales Managers whose reps are not meeting their sales goals or simply not living up to expectations — this will be an excellent blueprint and a valuable guide.

The Sales Reps’ Guide to Successful Prospecting is an easy-to-use, step-by-step prospecting and follow-up system.

It will jumpstart your efforts so you can reach out to your ideal prospects and potential customers with confidence and a sense of urgency – because frankly, time is of the essence!

And with more qualified leads, you will get more appointments, make more presentations, and close more deals.

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                           Consistent Prospecting Open Doors, Creates Opportunities, and Puts You on the Map!!


Based on a Simple Framework:

1. List Building - Identifying Industries, Companies and Key Prospects your business will appeal to

2. Developing Your Sales Story -  Know what to say when Cold-Calling / Cold Emailing, and…

3. Taking Action - Building Brand Awareness / Generating Qualified Leads

Essentially finding, qualifying and cultivating new leads – and a method to achieve it – through a Structured Sales Process.

The End Result will be to:

  • Boost prospecting efforts
  • Accelerate ramp-up time
  • Be fully prepared with Scripts/Talking Points at the ready
  • Have a variety of follow-up materials at your fingertips
  • And have no hesitation reaching out to prospects at any time, period!