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Putting together the Sales Reps’ Guide to Successful Prospecting was a natural extension of the experiences and successes I’ve had over a 30+ years career in Sales and Business Development.

Originally, I started out representing creative talent in New York City.

I cultivated business with clients in advertising, graphic design, marketing and media firms, financial services, and an endless number of major brands and corporate clients.

A great business to be in for many years. Then the Industry changed mostly due to technology and consolidation through mergers. And I was ready for a change as well.

Since I already had a vibrant client database it was easy to transition to the next phase of my career — operating a stock photography agency. I represented top photographers, all with different styles, and built an impressive list of clients throughout the U.S.

Some years later I merged with a larger agency which was then bought by a company based in Canada - a leading provider of high-end digital content — imagery, film footage, and various multimedia products. I joined them as National Account Manager, responsible for acquiring new accounts in the U.S.


In Summer 2006, I made a career change. I went to work for a commercial real estate brokerage firm specializing in retail and office leasing. Being new to the commercial real estate field and basically on my own, I reverted to what I knew best — building my own client database.

I developed a list of over 500 national retailers effectively establishing contact with their VP’s of Real Estate.

Interestingly, although products and services change from industry-to-industry, what remains common to all is:

  • Identifying your target markets
  • Finding / engaging with potential buyers
  • Organizing what to say, and…
  • Making contact  -  Something I was already quite comfortable doing.

I continued in Commercial Real Estate for several years transitioning to Investment Real Estate Sales.

Fast Forward to present-time—I thought there would be value in putting together a how-to guide that focused solely on cultivating your target audience using effective prospecting and follow-up techniques.  Many of the same strategies I have used throughout my career, tactics I thought would be worth sharing.

That’s the idea with The Sales Reps’ Guide to Successful Prospecting.  To help you substantially improve your prospecting efforts to build your network of exceptional prospects and eventual clients. I’m confident this Sales Handbook will be an important component in your professional growth and success.

Flatiron Sales Strategies


Regular Clients included:

Bank of America, Chase Bank, American Express, Charles Schwab, Time Inc., Honda, Toyota, Digitas, Ogilvy, J. Walter Thompson, Grey Advertising, Saatchi, Wieden + Kennedy, Hill Holliday, DDB NY/Chicago/LA, Leo Burnett, Young & Rubicam, Deutsch, BBDO, Sony Pictures, Nike.