Prospects not returning your phone calls?  Not responding back to your emails either?


Want to get your foot in the door of your ideal clients, build a solid pipeline and bring in new business?


Hi, I'm Alan Lee and I wrote: The Sales Reps' Guide to Successful Prospecting.

This Sales Playbook will help Business-to-Bussiness Sales Reps and Entrepreneurs connect with           hard-to-reach prospects

There's a lot of discussion about how important sales prospecting is - and how much resistance there is to it.  But it doesn't have to be so difficult.

This Quick-Start Guide will help speed the process of getting the attention of your prospects and getting invited in for a 20-minute meeting. It’s packed with tactics and strategies that can be implemented immediately.

It’s a fresh approach that will help you improve your sales prospecting efforts and get a competitive edge. If you want to continually discover new prospects and uncover countless new sales opportunities - then this Sales Playbook is for you.


The Sales reps' Guide to Successful Prospecting will help close the skills gap and level the playing field between you and your ideal clients.