Who Benefits?


The Flatiron Sales Playbook is great for people at various stages of sales

  • Flatiron jump starts the careers of new hires:

Whether new to the job market and those who’ve made a career change it will Accelerate the Ramp-up Time from just hired to a productive employee – and give them an immediate Competitive Edge

  • Small/Mid-Size Companies and Start-ups, Business Owners & Entrepreneurs, Sole Proprietors and the growing ranks of Freelancers
  • People breaking into a new industry needing to navigate the landscape quickly & effectively
  • Business School Students
  • Experienced Sales Reps that can use a fresh approach or just looking to hone their skills
  • A great companion piece to a company’s On-Boarding - Policies & Procedures Manual


And an excellent blueprint for sales managers whose sales reps are not meeting their sales goals or simply not living up to expectations.

Over the years – salespeople have been instructed to:

  • Create or Refine your Target Market List
  • Identify Key Personnel
  • Write Scripts for Making Phone Calls, Leaving Messages, Sending Emails, Note w/Business Card

Not as simple as it sounds – You can’t assume that everyone knows how to go about accomplishing these things.

Just because you have 100’s of company names and executive contact information on your account list – doesn’t automatically make these people your client.

Your job as a sales professional is to make contact, cultivate a business relationship, and bring in new business.

Flatiron Sales Strategies deals directly with these issues and various questions many sales people ask:

  • Which companies that are best suited for my prods/services?
  • Who is my target contact at these companies – what are their titles?
    • (You may already have that information)
  • What do you say to them? What’s the best way to approach them?
  • What are good follow-up strategies to use to get on their radar and stay in touch?


Up to Speed in No-Time Flat!

Will get people up to speed quickly and level the playing field

  • People will prospect on a regular basis - initiate contact w/ confidence and a sense of urgency
  • Provide Solid Follow-up Strategies, to get on / stay on peeps radar
  • Won’t give up too early in the process and walk away from potential business that may take a little longer to nurture and close

Although products and services may change from industry-to- industry, the one thing that remains constant is Creating Target Markets, Identifying Key Players, Making Contact and Building a Profitable Account Base.

Flatiron Sales Strategies is a Process of Sales Activities - Aligning your Goals & Desired Results with Actions

Salespeople need to be Prepared, Organized & Comfortable to reach out to prospects with Absolutely NO Hesitation to do any kind of prospecting whatsoever – phone calls, emails, social media, etc.