Who Benefits?


The Flatiron Sales Playbook is great for people at various stages of THEIR CAREERS

  • Just starting out - whether new to the job market or those who’ve made a career change - this handbook will Accelerate their Ramp-up Time – and give them an immediate Competitive Edge
  • Small/Mid-Size Companies and Start-ups, Business Owners & Entrepreneurs, Sole Proprietors and the growing ranks of Freelancers
  • People breaking into a new industry needing to navigate the landscape quickly and efficiently
  • Business School Students
  • Experienced Sales Reps that can use a fresh approach or just looking to hone their skills
  • A great companion piece to a company’s On-Boarding - Policies & Procedures Manual


And an excellent blueprint for sales managers whose sales reps are not meeting their sales goals or simply not living up to expectations.

Over the years – salespeople have been instructed to:

  • Create or Refine your Target Market List
  • Identify Key Personnel
  • Write Scripts for Making Phone Calls, Leaving Messages, Sending Emails or Business Letters

It's not as simple as it sounds. You can’t assume that everyone knows how to go about accomplishing these things.

Just because you have 100’s of company names and executive contact information on your account list – doesn’t automatically make these people your client. Your job as a sales professional is to make contact, cultivate a business relationship, and bring in new business.

Flatiron Sales Strategies deals directly with these issues and various questions many sales people ask:

  • Which companies that are best suited for my products /services?
  • Who is my target contact at these companies – what are their titles? 
  • What’s the best way to approach them?  What do you say to them?
  • What are good follow-up strategies to use to get on their radar and stay in touch?


Up to Speed in No-Time Flat!

Flatiron Sales Strategies will get people up to speed quickly and level the playing field

  • People will prospect more on a regular basis and initiate contact with confidence and a sense of urgency
  • Provide Solid Follow-up Strategies to get on and stay on peoples radar
  • Won’t give up too early in the process and walk away from potential business that may take a little longer to nurture and close

Although products and services may change from industry-to- industry, the one thing that remains constant is Creating Target Markets, Identifying Key Players, Making Contact and Building a Profitable Account Base.

Flatiron Sales Strategies is a Process of Sales Activities - Aligning your Goals & Desired Results with Actions

Salespeople need to be Prepared, Organized and Comfortable to reach out to prospects and have Absolutely NO Hesitation to do any kind of prospecting whatsoever – phone calls, emails, social media, etc.