"The Secret of Getting Ahead, is Getting Started". Mark Twain

Filling your Pipeline with Qualified Leads

Prospecting for new business is not just about filling your pipeline with company names and direct contacts from your CRM or your company’s client database.

It’s about what you do with that information once you have it to qualify and cultivate these prospects and turn them into active customers.

You should have a solid structure in place and follow it diligently. Prospecting for new business and acquiring new accounts is the life-blood of any sales rep, whether on a large sales staff or a sole proprietor. 

And the technology and software that exists today, with tools to automate the sales process is truly remarkable. But keep in mind that all the technology in the world is not going to matter unless you have solid sales fundamentals in place.

Just because you have hundreds or even thousands of company names and contacts with direct dials and email addresses on your account list – doesn’t automatically make these people your client.


The other side of the coin

There are many books, courses, and programs with topics such as:                       Presentation Skills /Negotiating Tactics / Handling Objections / Closing Skills / Best Time to Ask for Referrals, among others. Important and Valuable Skills to have, no doubt. But they all have one thing in common - it assumes you’ve already gotten a meeting!  Not so fast…

If you don’t have a constant flow of qualified leads and you don’t get in front of enough people to begin with to make your presentations to – it’s like you’re all dressed up with nowhere to go.

 - Who are you going to make a smart/well-planned presentation to, or

- Who are you going to use your negotiating techniques and closing skills with, if you can’t get your foot in the door?

Today, everything is a marketing tool and should be used accordingly. 

            • Making a Direct Phone Call

            • Leaving a Voice Message

            • Sending an Email  

            • Sales Letter or Marketing Material

            • Using Social Media - the fact is:

They’re all good and should be used consistently.  Because at the end of the day - it’s whatever works first or best!!

These are all irons-in-the-fire -- touch-points that should be used to stay uppermost on your prospects mind - until you get their attention and get invited in for a 20-minute meeting.