Hesitant to initiate contact with your prospects? Many people are: Let’s be honest - It can be uncomfortable.

• People don’t usually like rejection or rude responses
• Some are not that good at it or don’t think it works
• Others feel they’re better at:
       - Making Presentations / Negotiating Prices / Closing deals

And knowing what to say to people you’ve never met or spoken with before can be quite daunting.

But the harsh reality is, prospecting is a necessary evil and should be part of your everyday schedule.

Preparation is King!

• If you are not prepared and not comfortable with what to say - either on the phone, leaving a voice message, or sending an email, you will be reluctant to engage with your potential buyers.

• It’s important to come across in a businesslike and professional manner.  Remember: First Impressions do count.

• Being prepared will give you the confidence you need to pick up the phone and start to dial or do any kind of prospecting whatsoever.
       - Email, Text, Note, Sales Letter, Leaving a Message or Sending a Promotional Piece.

Here’s where using simple scripts and talking points come in.

• They should not be like Shakespearean Plays!  You’re not writing a Play or a Novel

• These are simple outlines to remind you to touch on specific points you want your prospects to hear

• They keep you focused and on track

• They supply structure and organization to what you say

• It lowers the stress level associated with making cold calls

• You’ll communicate more effectively and get your message across in less time.

Talking Points keep you on track and in control of the conversation. That’s all it does!  So, whether it’s a:
                - Simple Script, Handwritten Notes, Bullet-Points or Talking Point. Remember, it’s just a framework, so you’ll stay focused and you won’t trip over yourself verbally.

And lastly, if someone interrupts you with a question or the conversation goes off on a tangent – you’ll need to get it back on track so you don’t hear, “hey, great talking with you, let’s keep in touch down the road”, gotta go”. Then they abruptly hang up, and you are left holding the phone wondering, what just happened?