Just starting out in sales or have a great idea for a new business? And have little or no sales experience.

Here’s how to get a better grasp of what’s involved in getting yourself organized, up and running, and ready to compete.

Begin by answering these questions:

  1. Define what you do
    • What line of work is your company involved in?
    • What is your product /service?Which fields / industries does your business appeal to?
    • Which companies would you initially target?
    • Is your business Local / Regional / National / International?
  2. What are the titles of people you want to contact?
    • How do you find them?
      • Your CRM (Customer Relationship Management program)?
      • List Providers? Directories? Other?
    • Do you need to engage one person or more team members, decision makers or influencers?
  3. What do you say to them?
    • Are you prepared with Simple Scripts or Talking Points?
    • Do you understand their challenges / what they are trying to accomplish in their positions?
    • What are your solutions? How do you help people’s businesses?
    • What value do you bring?
  4. What’s your Marketing Strategy?
    • How do you plan to reach out to your prospects?
      • Phone, Email, Social Media, Direct Mail?
        • Some/all of the above?
      • Are you prepared with everything you’ll need, at your fingertips to start prospecting for new business?

Reviewing these questions (and your answers) will help you have a more thorough understanding of how to successfully navigate the Business-to-Business Landscape.

Now you are ready to tackle the next step:

  • List Building - Identifying your target audience
  • Writing your Sales Story - knowing what to say
  • Making contact - Getting the conversation started