The Importance of Engaging with Prospects Early and Often

Research has provided some interesting insights into buyer behavior, and it challenges conventional wisdom about sales prospecting. In fact, it can be downright discouraging, unless you consider it carefully.

According to a study by Google and CEB (now Gartner) titled The Digital Evolution in B2B Marketing, many buyers are nearly 60% through their "buying process" before needing to speak with a sales rep. Really? 

That's a pretty startling statement. If that's the case - why would most sales reps even bother to pursue them? They probably wouldn't.

Actually, what the research shows is that buyers are performing their own research, doing their own due diligence and starting to form strong opinions of companies they may want to engage with, before their next round of projects.  And before needing to speak with a salesperson.

To counter that, start using pre-selling tactics while your prospect is in research mode and before they commit to using someone else - like your competition. Getting his or her attention and getting invited in to make your presentation is the ultimate goal.

  • Use this tme to send articles, blog posts, links to videos or reports that are relevant to their company's challenges. Become known as someone who creates value and interest. 
  • If you don't engage early and often enough, you may not be a preferred supplier or even in contention when final selections are made.

Consistency is Key

Making your ideal prospects aware of your products and services is vital and doing so consistently is also a form of relationship building. They see your name, your company name more frequently and after a little while, they almost feel like they know you.

If you don't create that level of awareness, how will potential buyers know to contact you when it's time to discuss new projects?  Unfortunately, they won't!